Yoga: Your Ticket to Happiness and Health

You come home tired and stressed from a long day at work day in and out. It is time to free yourself from the constant pressures of modern life and find your peace of mind and body. If you’ve done yoga in the past, then you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, it is time to find out. Yoga is the prefect workout for you to better your health and find the time to relax.

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Why You Need to be Doing More Yoga

Who doesn’t want a little extra energy to get through the day? Forget filling your body with unhealthy energy drinks. You can have more endurance to keep going without spending countless dollars on artificial supplements. Energize yourself with a regular workout routine that will keep you stronger and going longer.

Build a better body and better health. Research has shown time and time again that regular yoga workouts can improve your body in so many ways, including: stronger and happier heart and lungs, increased flexibility, and can even help to reduce chronic pain!

Your body is not the only part of you that benefits, enjoy a healthier mind as well. If you are experiencing low to moderate feelings of depression or anxiety, exercising regularly may help you alleviate some of these feelings. Exercise can also help you fall asleep faster and rest better at night.

Discover the Yoga Class for You!

Ready to start your journey to a happier and healthier you? Yoga is great for beginners! Put on your yoga pants, grab a mat, and come to one of several yoga classes offered here at The Gym LC. You are in good hands with a certified, professional, and friendly instructor who will guide you through a series of poses to guarantee you are getting the most out of your goal.

Join one of several amazing yoga classes, or try them all!

  • Flow Yoga
  • Power Yoga/Pilates
  • Power Sculpt

Read more about the classes here or view the calendar here.It is time to stop the stress and find your happiness. Get started today!

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