Workout Tips

Follow these health and fitness tips to get better results!

Make Exercise a Daily Habit. Choosing the right exercise program is one of the first steps toward sticking with your exercise goals.Try these suggestions to make exercise a tough habit to break, provided by the American Academy of Family Physicians

  • Plan to exercise at a certain time every day, so it becomes part of your schedule
  • Write up and sign a contract, where you agree to exercise.
  • Mark your calendar with a daily appointment for exercise.
  • Keep a diary of all of your exercises. Log everything you do, and your progress.
  • Have your doctor write out an exercise prescription, including how much exercise you should do and how often.
  • Try joining a health club or gym. Paying a membership fee may prompt you to get your money’s worth and go more frequently.

Don’t forget all the tools The Gym LC has to help make exercise a daily habit. Ask about our free training program! Get involved in a group fitness class. Gain a gym buddy, have one of your friends or family members come try out the gym! We offer all the tools you need and would be more than happy to help you out!

Feeling Really Sore?

To ease your pain, DON’T skip your workout the next day. Light exercise gets your blood moving which can help heal microscopic tears. Tiny tears, NOT lactic acid create sore and tight muscles. Your body will actually appreciate a light run or walk, gentle stretching, or moderate strength training exercise.