Why Weight Lifting is Key

10-Weight-Lifiting-Las-CrucesLooking to start weight lifting to build some muscle? Good! Because you need to be doing weight training. Allow me to explain why:

Strong as an Ox

Shaping and sculpting muscles is awesome, and you’ll look great for it. As you gain physical strength, you will also gain a mental edge knowing you’re stronger. Use this strength to be bold, and speak with newfound confidence and power.

More Energized than a Pink Bunny

A lot goes on behind the scenes when you’re working your body. Most people assume that more muscle means increased strength to carry on longer and stronger, which is true. But what you may not know is regular, solid training also improves your metabolism for more efficient digestion and distribution of energy through your body. Exercise also improves your sleep patterns. A healthier body and better sleep mean a stronger immune system, and you may find yourself getting sick less often – what a bonus!

Focus and Discipline

Focus, determination, and perseverance, these are the hallmarks of success. Applying these principles is the key to success in nearly every endeavor. Weight lifting is no exception. Most people who don’t keep the right mindset start training and inevitably want give up, but it’s good thing you’re not most people.

Align the Spine

Tired of people telling you to stand up straight? Back hurt from being hunched over the keyboard for a couple hours too many? Weight Lifting actually improves your posture and helps counter certain causes of back pain. Even when you’re doing arm or leg exercises, your back and abs become stronger as they serve as your body’s core.

A Lean, Mean Machine

Last, but certainly not least, and perhaps the number one reason people work out – to look good! Whether you’re interested in bodybuilding, weight loss, or both, weight lifting is your ticket to that destination.

Get a Move On

The Gym LC has what you need when it comes to weight lifting equipment and knowledge. If you need help learning how to lift weights, ask our experts who will get you started.

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