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5-PilatesLooking for the workout you’ll love to keep you looking great? Pilates encompasses a wide range of exercises and moves that ensure there is never a dull moment in your workout time.

Pilates workouts can help you reach any goal; improving your body and mind. Workouts encompass a wide range of styles, from yoga to weight training, these classes have it all to give you the best and most exciting workout imaginable.

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a workout that focuses on increasing your:

  • flexibility
  • strength
  • body awareness

Exercises can be done with an exercise machine, exercise equipment, or with just body weight. The workout is done in slow, controlled movements so your muscles are getting the most out of each repetition. Every exercise is aimed at engaging your core to tighten your stomach muscles and burn away unwanted belly fat while engaging the rest of your body. Pilates is great for toning your muscles to give you strength and energy while maintaining a beautiful, slender look.

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We all want to lose a little extra weight and shape our bodies into our own personal masterpiece. Now is your chance to stop dreaming and start doing. The Gym offers several fun Pilates classes to get you excited to workout.

Our great classes include:

  • Mat Pilates – A fantastic class setting to have you toning your body to great music and great company.
  • Pilates/Crunch – With a key focus on the abdomen, this class will have your stomach flat as a washboard and keep you excited for more.
  • Band Pilates – A combination of Pilates moves with resistance bands to give you the total body workout you deserve.

All classes are taught by certified, professional, and friendly training instructors. You will be guided to proper form while ensuring your safety for the best results and the best time!

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