Great Cardio Workouts and the Benefits

CardioCardio Workouts for Your Goals

If you are looking for the perfect cardio routine to maximize weight loss or keep your body looking lean, then The Gym of Las Cruces has the classes and equipment just for you! We have plenty of machines and equipment that you need to keep looking great. Enjoy our spacious and high quality gym room to work out your way on treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, row machines, and so much more.

If you are just starting out and looking for the best cardio routine while having a blast, we offer a wide variety of classes that will have you getting the most out of your exercise time while enjoying your workout. We offer a number of fantastic cardio classes including:

  • Cardio Cut
  • Cardio Combo
  • Boot Camp
  • And More!

See the full calendar of classes here.

Cardio Weight Loss

Losing weight can be tough, and we all want to keep our bodies looking great. If you are seeking to maximize your calorie burn to stay lean, then an effective cardio routine is your weapon of choice. Be it running, cycling, rowing, or weight training, our gym has the best equipment in Las Cruces. The secret to the most effective weight loss routine is staying active and sticking with your goals. You can even dance your way to a healthier body, check out our fun and exciting Zumba classes here!

What Is Cardio?

A good cardio workout is designed to increase your heart rate to a target heart rate zone. The target zone varies from person to person, mainly defined by gender and age based on what’s known as the Karvonen formula.

Target Heart Rates:

  • A low intensity workout will have your heart rate between 60-70% of your max, it is good target range for warming up or beginners.
  • A moderate intensity workout will be 70-80% max heart rate, this is the ideal zone for losing weight or building fitness.
  • A high intensity workout will be between 80-90% max heart rate, this will greatly increase calorie burn but at a much higher required effort.
  • Maximum effort is 90-100% max heart rate, this level of training typically can only be sustained for short bursts and is generally only reached in advanced training.

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