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12-Fitness-ClassesThe Gym has the fitness class for you no matter your favorite workout, be it a solid cardio sweat session, a fun group dance workout, an energizing yoga class, or anything and everything between.

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Check out the full calendar here! Don’t know which fitness class is right for you? Let’s look at some of our more popular ones.

Boot Camp

Interval-style training that mixes up your workout every time, keeping your gym time fresh and fun. These fitness classes combine great strength training exercises with quality aerobic exercises to give you two workouts in one!

Power Pump

Get ready to pump some iron. For beginners and experts alike, power pump classes are a great way to build muscle, get toned, and learn proper movement and techniques.

Flow Yoga

A relaxing yet strengthening session of yoga. Transitions between poses involve free-flowing movement which is in tune with your breathing. The smooth movements have even been likened to a slow dance.


If you’re looking for a more fast-paced dance and enjoy excitement in your workout, then you’ll love Zumba. These classes get your body moving to great music with great company. Hit all the marks of a quality workout without it ever feeling like a workout, including cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility.


Another energizing dance-style class with a strong focus on toning. You can expect great music, big and exaggerated movements, boot camp inspired exercises, and an overwhelming desire for more after each class.

All the tools, instruction, and fitness classes you need are right here in one convent place: The Gym LC. Only question is: are you ready to make the change? Call or come in today!

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