Our and cardio programs benefits any age or fitness level and ability, and promote weight loss, stress relief and many other medical benefits.

Cardio Combo Class: This class consists of two different formats in one class. Instructor will determine formats used for the class. (Beginner to Advanced)

Interval Zone Training: Repetitions of high-speed/intensity work followed by periods of rest or low activity. A favorite because of its effectiveness in cardiovascular buildup. Believed that this method of training is more effective at inducing fat loss than simply training at a moderate intensity level for the same duration. Zone Training Can help one avoid injuries that often accompany non-stop, repetitive activity, and provides the opportunity to increase one’s intensity without burning out in a matter of minute. (Beginner to Advance)

Cardio Cut: This class is a powerful blend of cardio combo Tae-Bo type moves with dynamic strength training. Cool down ending with pilates/ yoga based abdominals.

Boot Camp: Want a challenge? Here it is! You’ll get cardio, strength, agility, and power training in one class. What more can you ask for? (Beginner to Advanced)